The C-PRINT finish, which is gaining in popularity among our customers, is dedicated to fabrics intended for pigment digital printing. Such refinement of the fabric increases the color efficiency during the printing process, the colors are saturated and the contours are clear and sharp.

The C-PRINT finish improves the friction resistance of the print and significantly increases the parameters of the durability of the finish to washing. The fabric prepared in this way provides a soft grip and increases the comfort of use.

Andropol S.A. offers C-PRINT finish on fabrics in various weights in the range: from 75 to 270g/m2, as well as in various weaves: linen, satin, Panama, twill. Fabric color with C-PRINT finish – white – optically bleached. Most of our fabrics have a closed selvedge, which facilitates the printing process on digital printers – according to our clients’ opinions.

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