Fabric manufacturing


Andropol S.A. comprises two production facilities: a weaving mill in Andrychów and a finishing plant in Białystok.

The weaving mill has modern rapier looms equipped with harness machines for manufacture of virtually any type of fabric in the width range from 50 to 320 cm.

For the production, Andropol S.A. is very experienced in finishing fabrics of various raw material compositions: from natural fibres, such as cotton, viscose, linen, etc., through polyesters, to polyamides, meta-aramides, and para-aramides. It is one of the few plants in Poland to have the entire finishing process in one place.

The company is also known as a Polish manufacturer of, inter alia, protective fabrics for work clothing and specialised protective clothing (health care, chemical and fuel industry, fire service, construction, and road services).

Andropol S.A. also specialises in finishing bedding, tablecloth, clothing, and furniture fabrics. The width of the fabrics ranges from 70 to 160 cm.

The integrated quality and Environmental Management System Implemented in Accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 is a guarantee of the high quality, stability, and repeatability of manufacture. The AQAP 2110:2016 certificate, which confirms meeting the requirements set by NATO, is a proof that the process of designing research works and production ensures adaptation to constantly changing market conditions, and thus achieving the highest quality standards perceived by the customer.

Andropol S.A. uses the most innovative technologies in the production process, applies dyes and textile chemistry of the highest quality, and relies on selected raw fabrics.

In order to offer fabrics of the highest quality, satisfy changing market requirements, and meet the highest quality standards of fabrics for the uniform segment, the machinery park is constantly modernised.

This approach, as a strategy of long-term policy, is the only one that gives a competitive advantage and guarantees the Company a strong and stable position as a manufacturer of the highest quality specialist fabrics.

Andropol S.A. also provides services in bleaching, dyeing, printing, finishing, and coating of fabrics of various raw material compositions.

Andropol S.A. also tests all fabrics from its production in a professional research laboratory.

With the experienced staff and appropriate specialized measuring equipment, the laboratory can guarantee the accuracy of all tests. We can guarantee that the fabric after the manufacturing process is proven and meets all required standards and parameters.

Laboratory tests of Andropol’s fabric, physico-mechanical and physico-chemical analyses of fabrics are carried out based on the

Polish (PN), European (EN), and international (ISO) standards.

We can achieve perfect fabric quality thanks to the selection of the appropriate technologies, the technologically advanced modern machinery, experienced staff, and textile know-how.

Andropol S.A. offers the following finishing services:

  • Bleaching (optical bleaching, chemical bleaching)
  • Dyeing and printing (we use pigment dyes, reactive dyes, dispersed dyes ensuring high parameters of dye resistance, and vat dyes with very high parameters of resistance to light, chlorination, and multiple washing in high temperatures)
  • Finishing (we use refining that gives the fabric waterproof, oleophobic, anti-creasing, flame-retardant, water-resistant, acid-proof, bacteriostatic, anti-insect, and many other properties)
  • Coating
  • Calandering
  • Framing, stabilisation, and sanforisation (obtaining necessary parameters, such as width, weight, and shrinkage – stability of fabric dimensions during normal use)
  • Flashing
  • Fabric classification, review by quality
  • Fabric rolling
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