Surgical gown (BU-ES)

Reusable surgical gown intended for standard risk surgery.

The surgical gown is made of polyester fabric with carbon fibre in the critical zone. It meets all the requirements of the PN-EN 13795 standard. In the non-critical zone, a unique cotton polyester fabric with carbon fibre was used. It meets the requirements of the PN-EN 13795 standard concerning linting, cleanliness (solid particles), and strength parameters. The gown ensures high comfort of use and the highest level of protection against body fluids in the critical zone. On the non-critical zone, it ensures a high level of air permeability. The gown sleeves are finished with a flexible, lint-free welt made of knitted polyester fabric. Thanks to a carbon fibre thread in the structure of both fabrics, the finished product also has antistatic properties. Colourful border sewn into the neckline ensures easy identification of the gown size. In the critical zone, BU-ES surgical gown maintains the level of barrier performance required by the PN-EN 13795 standard through 100 cycles of washing, drying and sterilisation. The gown is entered into the register of medical devices.

Note: The required level of barrier performance is maintained for 100 washing cycles provided that the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance regime is used. After the maintenance, the product does not require additional impregnation.

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