Intended use: bed linen, fabrics with a weight of 160–185 g/m2 and a width of 160 cm.

The most popular fabrics in this group are Eskulap and Medical. Both fabrics may be bleached, dyed, or printed. They have a high degree of usefulness (low shrinkage, colour durability after a long period of use and multiple industrial washing). These properties are obtained thanks to the use of vat dyes and refining finishing. Both fabrics are resistant to high temperatures occurring during disinfection and sterilisation of medical products. The fabrics are certified to meet the requirements of the following standards: CEN/TS 14237:2015, PN-P-84543:1984, PN-P82010-06:1984, PN-P-84525:1998, PN-EN ISO 13688:2013-12, OEKO-TEX Standard 100. In this group of fabrics, we also have cotton flannel fabrics intended for pyjama products. The printing technology used in the production process and sanforisation guarantee its soft grip and low shrinkage.

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