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We are a leading manufacturer of fabrics in Europe. We offer a range of products used for a variety of utility purposes.

Andropol S.A. is a leader in the manufacture of uniform fabrics for the Polish Army, Police, Border Guard, Fire Service, and foreign military customers. The fabrics manufactured by Andropol not only meet the highest quality standards, as defined in the criteria of the Ministry of National Defence, the Ministry of Interior and NATO, but also perform well in special combat conditions.

The unique parameters of the fabrics are achieved thanks to advanced manufacturing technologies and the use of professional chemicals.

Andropol S.A. production boasts multi-purpose fabrics used as an outer layer of special clothing for firefighters. We use aramid and PBI fibres. We cooperate with DuPont, using, inter alia, the Nomex® Tough blend. Andropol S.A. fabrics meet EN 469 and EN 15614 standards after 25 washing cycles.

We also manufacture other protective fabrics: anti-electrostatic (compliant with the EN 1149-5 standard), acid- and lye-resistant (EN 13034), designed for rental clothing. We manufacture fabrics used for helmets, bulletproof vests, and ballistic shields. We use DuPont KEVLAR fibres. We offer ready-made PRE-PREG.

Andropol S.A. is a well-known manufacturer of fabrics and clothing used in healthcare facilities. For manufacture, we use own-production fabrics, including surgical clothing (polyester cotton), blended fabrics with carbon fibres for surgical clothing, and surgical gowns made of polyester barrier fabrics with carbon fibres.

The offer also includes surgical drapes: barrier, absorbent and barrier with an absorbent layer, which ensures high absorption of body fluids in the surgical site.

Optionally, we can make bed linen with a print along the side of the pillowcase/duvet cover to identify the owner (name of the hospital/laundry).

Andropol S.A. also offers fabrics for weekend wear (cotton or cotton with elastane), children’s wear, textile footwear, accessories and children’s bedding as well as fabrics for decorative products.

The production also includes bedding, hotel and restaurant, bleached, dyed, and printed fabrics intended for industrial washing.

They have high mechanical strength meeting the stringent requirements of hotel and restaurant facilities.

Andropol S.A. is also a renowned manufacturer of fabrics and bed linen for household use. The diversity of offered patterns and colours combined with high quality of fabrics places us among the leading European manufacturers in this segment.

Andropol S.A. comprises two production facilities: a weaving mill in Andrychów and a fabric finishing plant in Białystok.

The weaving mill has rapier looms equipped with harness machines for manufacture of almost any type of fabric in the width range from 50 to 320 cm.

We have extensive experience in weaving and finishing fabrics, from cotton, viscose, linen, etc., through polyesters, to polyamides, meta-aramides, and para-aramides, such as Kevlar. We also convert continuous fibres.

The finishing plant in Białystok provides services in bleaching, dyeing, printing, finishing and coating of fabrics of various raw material compositions. Andropol S.A. is one of the few plants in the world which offer dyed fabrics and printed fabrics with vat and dispersed vat dyes with very high durability of colours.

Andropol S.A. is a manufacturer of a wide range of fabrics. The company’s offer has been divided into separate categories depending of the type of manufacture:

The Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System Implemented in Accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 is a guarantee of the highest quality, stability and repeatability of manufacture.

Andropol S.A. products are also safe for humans, which is proven by the trust mark “Confidence in Textiles,” according to OEKO-TEX Standard 100.

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