Andropol S.A. also offers cotton fabrics and cotton fabrics with elastane. The fabrics are intended for weekend, children’s, and night-time clothing as well as for textile shoes, children’s bedding and accessories, decorative products (pillows), bags, and backpacks.

Ours standing offer includes a wide range of fabrics: from very fine batistes (75 g/m²), through classic linen (115 g/m², 150 g/m²), fine linen in combed yarns (120 g/m², 130 g/m²), twill fabrics (160 g/m², 195 g/m², 240 g/m², 270 g/m²), twill fabrics with elastane (160 g/m², 195 g/m², 250 g/m²), panama fabrics (220 g/m², 270 g/m²), and waffle fabrics (140 g/m² and 230 g/m²).

Our current range of designs and colours is available at We offer a wide range of products in stock or individual production order with any colour, pattern, and finish. The fabrics of the Casual line are certified OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 and Safe for Children.

On the website, the customer can see the current design and color offer. We offer a wide selection of assortment in stock or order for individual production: any color, pattern and finish.


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