Polyester fabrics with carbon fibres

Intended use: operating theatre sets, fabrics with a weight of 84 g/m2 to 144 g/m2 and a width of 160 cm.

This group of fabrics includes Bakewell, Buxton, and Ripley. The fabrics have high physical and chemical parameters. Thanks to the application of high thread density and unique finishing method, the fabrics constitute a barrier for various solutions and body fluids, ensuring safety and comfort during surgical procedures. They have a low linting rate, which is necessary for maintaining cleanliness in the operating theatre. The fabrics show high resistance to multiple maintenance processes at high temperatures, which enables their disinfection and sterilisation. Tests confirm their anti-electrostatic properties, which has a beneficial effect on the operation of electronic equipment used during surgical procedures. With the properties of this group of fabrics, the products made of them are a standard equipment of each surgeon in the operating theatre. The fabrics meet the requirements of the PN-EN 13795 standard.

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